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Whether you live in a new build with Upvc or a listed building with one hundred year leaded glazing we have the specialist equipmemt and techniques to get your windows and frames clean.


We provide a structured cleaning regime to keep your windows clean all year, which can be on an eight or four week cycle.

We recommend to all new customers to start on the eight week cycle.


Once we have cleaned a couple of times we can evaluate whether this is sufficient to maintain the windows to your satisfaction, reducing to the four week cycle if necessary.

The majority of our customers are happy to stay on the eight week cycle.


If your looking for an end of tenancy clean, or prehaps  about to sell your house, or you simply just don't want  a regular cleaner, you can still use our service as we can also provide a one off clean.


We use traditional methods as well as pure water applied via a water fed pole/brush.


When we survey your property to provide a quote we will recommend which method is most suitable for your windows, this is only a recommendation though and you can specify which method you prefer.