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A typical 4kv residential solar panel installation working at peak efficiency could provide up to 3,400kWh of electricity per year.


The buildup of dust and dirt over time will reduce the efficiency of the panels and consequently the amount of electricity generated.


keeping them clean will give you a higher output allowing you to reap the financial benefits.

solar panels

Our prices start from £30 for the typical 4kv residential array and we recommend bi annual cleaning in spring and again in Autumn.


Solar panels generate power from sunlight, not the heat of the sun and if you only have them cleaned annually we would recommend autumn to make the most of the bright cold but shorter days over the winter period.

Cleaning with tap water and detergents can leave a residue on the  panels decreasing the power generated.


Using specialist equipment we will clean your panels with pure de-ionized water, this dries streak free allowing the panels to operate upto maximum capacity.